Previous Curly Fu adventures


The Dancing Men

A story of love and death and some rather odd goings on in the English countryside

The Devils Foot

A story of murder most foul in deepest darkest Cornwall

The Crooked Man

A story of a deadly love triangle spanning decades occasionally assisted by the Taliban and a brown monkey

The Sussex Vampire

A dark tale of South American bloodsuckers, incontinent dogs and blow jobs. Another exciting adventure for our two intrepid heroes. Will they survive the undead and root out evil in the quiet County of Sussex?

The Blanched Soldier

Travelling abroad brings danger, death and a ghastly change of colour to the victim of the latest adventure for our hero. Did the butler do it? Did the deranged father do it? Did anybody do it? find out for yourself

The Three Garridebs

What's in a name? Well 15 million dollars it would appear. It sounds too good to be true but is it? Holmes & Watson decide to find out if having an eccentric namesake in America can make you rich. On the way we meet a dodgy dude a dead forgers crib and Watson is shot! Fatal? Listen and find out



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